Don't Harsh My Vape

Posted by Colbey Pfund on

People meme what they don’t understand.

The current anti-vaping stance is built on a series of assumptive presuppositions, misguided notions, skewed facts, a buying into the dumbing down of a society, and, at the end of the day, perhaps even a jealousy over the camaraderie and fun that can permeate the culture.

It seems there’s an accusation the environment is sexist, driven by some form of “toxic masculinity”.   There may “seem” to be more visible men at this time, however that’s a visual ruse.  Women are in the community wherever you turn.  At the head of the biggest activist organization to support vaping, the SFATA (Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association) is Pamela Gorman who has been named Executive Director, as well as Schell Hammell, who is their Board Vice President.  These two powerhouse women are at the forefront in the world of vaping.  Another is Yale lecturer, Dr. Sally Satel M.D. who has done extensive research into the world of vaping.  There are women who are just as involved as men on the grassroots end; as vape shop owners, e-liquid mixologists, coil builders, cloud trickers, activists, influential tastemakers, vloggers, bloggers, vape lounge owners, etc.  Women have gained ground in what was once a seemingly male-dominated environment on the rapid.  The estrogen level is on a serious rise.  Vape knows no gender.  Anti-vapers fail to take this into consideration, wearing a blindfold while pinning the tail on the donkey in the mirror.

Let’s talk cash.  The vape startup costs may be a bit more for the machine and coils and e-juice but after the initial outlay, the mocking needs to cease because, expense-wise, if you have a dedication to sticking analog into your face, you may want to rethink that action on the immediate based solely on how much pain your pocket ends up in.  The difference SAVED in per capita annual comparative can be between $500.00 AND $4,000.00 dollars, depending on how many packs a day you smoke and where you live versus the machine you buy, the e- juice you use or if you mix your own juice, if you buy or build your own coils, etc.  We’re looking at anywhere from a 50% to 80% savings yearly, even if you buy the most expensive juice and use a pricey machine, you will still walk away saving hundreds of dollars as opposed to what you would if you smoked analogs and had to buy packs of cigarettes on the daily.

And science, almighty science…  How many people knew about Ohm’s Law before vaping came into the public’s respective eye?  Granted, not everyone builds their own coils, and I have no idea the ratio of who knew to who didn’t know about said Ohm’s Law but I am going to bet it upped some science-related research by people who didn’t major in electrical engineering and anytime any sort of education gets a boost, it’s a full-on boon especially when our society is all-hail-the-mighty-three-letter-text-version-of-speech-as-an-acceptable-equivalent-to-a-full-on-sentence- form-of-unquestionably-reasonable-communication.

Jealousy can abound when not feeling included.  Even with vaping being inclusive and not exclusive, it’s not inclusive if you aren’t doing it.  Why mock it? Is it because you don’t want to let people enjoy themselves and you don’t feel good about yourself?   It’s a community and sometimes when people are without a community they can feel jealous and envious of those who have one.  If you aren’t down with vaping because that’s not your get down, there may be a thing you do dig.  Find the hobby that’s totally for you.  When you do find it, don’t be afraid of it, get involved.  It’s so much more fun than sitting at home alone, behind a computer, telling everyone else how much better than them you are while they are out enjoying themselves.  Whether it’s folks out and about vaping to their heart’s content while learning how to mix e-juices or blow clouds the size of Compton, or if they are making model airplanes, or are even playing competitive Tiddlywinks, find your get down and enjoy.  Life’s short.  It’s a lot of energy to make fun of people for no reason.

In summation, the anti-vaping community teeters on a crumbling precipice of false information shouldering boulders of lies and resentments as opposed to laying back and relaxing while just watching the clouds float lazily by.  Too bad for them.  

Vape on my friends.  May clouds billow for all.